Far infrared moxibustion - Far infrared warm series

Global Innovation Technology : Active Nano Far Infrared Thermal Film

Model no. FIR-S01

Far Infrared Moxibustion Insoles

  • The high efficient heat delivered to the Yongquan acupoint (longevity acupoint) , the principle is similar to the traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture, but non-invasive
  • Enhance the blood circulation and metabolism
  • Constant temperature between 42℃ ~ 46℃
  • Zero electromagnetic radiation (O EMI), no consuming oxygen
  • High quality flannel, anti-bacterial and mould proof.
  • Fast-heating design around 3 minutes
  • 3 temble size available for perfect fit
  • Built in 1000mAH recharge battery
  • Contents : 1m Y-charge cable
  • Product reliability testing of pressure, temperature, IPX5

Model no. FIR-M01

Far Infrared Protable Moxibustion Device

Model no. FIR-W01

Far Infrared Moxibustion Rolling Massager

  • Applicable anywhere and when every you need
  • Health care, keep warm
  • Enhance the body meridian activity ; improve the functional status, promote blood circulation
  • Relieve pain and fatigue
  • Constant temperature 44℃~48℃
  • Built in 1000mAH recharge battery
  • Contents : 1m charge cable
  • Also use as a FIR Spectrum Alcoholization for tastes better of drink
  • Far infrared warm to enhance blood circulation and soothe aching muscles
  • 3D eight massage nodes simulate hand massager
  • Ergonomic design almost everywhere in your body
  • Quickly activate : warm up around 3 minutes
  • Constant temperature 42℃~46℃
  • Built in on board cord storage and carry handle for your convenience
  • Three different massage strength
  • Two far infrared heating mode for temperature
  • With overheat protection device and auto shut-off design
  • Contents : power adapter, car charger




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