What is “Active Nano Far Infrared Thermal Film”?

  • Applying the electric power to nano crystal film, the crystal will oscillate to generate high efficient heat and far infrared radiation.
  • With the crystal vibration, high efficient heat energy can be generated. The heat energy will be delivered through far infrared as radiant heat pattern. (None electromagnetic wave)
  • Zero electromagnetic radiation (O EMI), no consuming oxygen, the foot will not be humid and keep dry.
  • AEGIS technology, guarantee anti-bacterial and mould proof.
  • The high efficient heat delivered to the "Yongquan acupuncture point" (longevity acupoiunt as Chinese medicine) to warm your foot then warm body ; and make the body angry blood link up for health protection.
  • Fully size, Fast charge design, convenient use.

The relationship between far infrared and living creature

The principle of far infrared thermal moxibustion is similar to the traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture.
However, it is non-invasive therapy by thermal moxibustion. This is a very simle preventive health care product for home care.


Active nano far infrared thermal

The 3rd party test with Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Japan and Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan.


The radiative emission rate reaches up to 93% under 34°C without heat up.
FIR radiative emission and thermal radiation test report from NTCRI (National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute), Taiwan.

High efficiency and low energy consumption for environment protection

Zero Electromagnetic Radiation

During heating, active nano FIR won’t generate electromagnetic wave.  It also won’t have any impact to electromagnetic interference (Zero EMI), which is completely meet European A12 regulation.
Active nano FIR thermal film is an exclusive technology.  The formula, production processes, and the applications have been applied and owned the patents authorized by Taiwan, USA, and China as PCT patents.  China is also the PCT member, which secures the patented technique in the leading position.


The oscillated FIR wave from the crystal is able to penetrate to 5-15cm of the deep tissues.  Besides, the FIR does help to provide warm to the skin.

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Taiwan conducted an experiment and study by using Lightup’s active nano FIR thermal plate.  The research had conducted in the graduate school of electrical engineering of NCKU.  The study observed the FIR effect to the deep body temperature in animal and found the FIR reaching to 15cm of the animal’s deep tissue.



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