Through many year difficult strive, the all new product is come into being, we developed a series products, use the Far Infrared and Nano technology.

All the products with the character _ environmental protection, zero EMI, power frugal, constant warm _ we achieve the goal, and believe everybody should love it!

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All of our health care product is applied by the Active Nano Far Infrared Thermal Film, a global innovational technology.
The applications have been applies and owned the patents authorized by Taiwan, USA and China as PCT patents.
Applying the electric power to nano crystal films on our ceramic, the crystal will oscillate to generate high efficient heat and far infrared radiation.
This high efficient heat energy can be generated. The heat energy will be delivered through far infrared as radiant heat pattern ; but, it's None electromagnetic wave.
The Far infrared wave length is 6um ~ 14um, which is the effective domain to activate human body's health, it will boost blood circulation to improve the metabolism.
It's similar to the traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture, non-invasive therapy by thermal moxibustion.

What is "Active Nano Far Infared Thermal Film" ?




Constant warm insole


Far infrared moxibustion eye mask


Far infrared moxibustion neck guard


Far infrared moxibustion roll massager


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